Welcome To The Academic year 2023-2024.

Uma Vidyalaya is all about more than classes and textbooks – it's a hub for value-based education and exciting co-curricular activities and all round development of the child. This well-thought-out space aims to unlock the full potential of every ward, shaping them into capable citizens who are also caring towards others and the environment.

From Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary, we offer a dynamic learning journey. Picture this: a vibrant canteen, a welcoming dining hall, a sleek administrative building, and an impressive open aired stage – all showcasing top-notch architecture

Our focus is on preparing the 21st century learners for the real world, fostering critical thinking, keen observation skills, and guiding and counselling them through a transformative journey from chrysalis to independent butterflies..





Why to Choose Uma Vidhyalaya?

Our school offers education from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary levels in English medium and Gujarati medium; we offer a complete educational journey by giving holistic education
Spiritual Learning: Our campus includes a serene Goddess Saraswati Temple for spiritual enrichment.
Spacious Facilities: With 14 rooms for Pre-Primary, 18 for Primary, and 18 for Secondary and Higher Secondary sections, we provide ample space for learning.



Prepare the children to face world outside,develop their crirical thinking,make them good observants,changing them from chrysalis into indepedent self-reliant butterflies.


AS the saying goes..
"if you are planning for a year, sow seeds If you are planning for ten years grow trees Is you are planning for a lifetime, develop Human"
The school aims to equip its students with requisite skills to face challenges posed by rapidly changing world. Its teaching staff puts in their best efforts to inculcate a combination of scholastic and co-scholastic skills that will help the students to develop an inquisitive and creative mind. The school also aims at developing children with ethical and moral values and sensitive towards the environmental needs while capable of achieving academic and professional success.

Our Learning Mantra

  • Safe and Supportive learning environment
  • Inspirational Teaching to learn More and More
  • Effective Support to those Facing challanges in learning
  • impartial Teaching
  • Observation of student's behaviour on a regular basis
  • Less student teacher ratio
  • Extra focus on those who needs more time and teaching